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Short for "I would fuck her". The yes response to wouldya.
Guy #1: Hey, look at the chick at the table over there on the right. Wouldya?

Guy #2: Yeah, I would.
by Big Papi February 02, 2009
short for 'i would have sex with them.' more often used in a jokey sense
'You look really hot today. I would'

*man sees good looking girl walk past* 'I would.'
by I would. September 17, 2006
A phrase used by complete tossers who think they're a babe magnet:
Guy1: ah mate, shes so FIT
Guy2: yeah mate, I would.. i'd bang her so hard
Me: ummmm no you wouldn't; you're a prick
by Adi Redfern December 12, 2009
Something you say when you see a fit women
JIM - "Shes Fit!"
BARRY - "I would, DEFFO!!"
by Pammywammywoo March 07, 2006
The standard answer to the question wouldya?
It signifies the fact that one would chuck it in the girl in question.
Cuttie - "Hey, Sheldon... Wouldya?"
Sheldon - "No man"
Cuttie - "I would"
Sheldon - "Dude, she's a total neen!!"
by Sheldon January 26, 2004
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