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when someone comes into work on a monday and they're really pissed off.
"say lawrence when you go into work on a monday and your not feeling too good does anyone ever say to you sounds like a case of the monday's?""no, no man, shit no, i reckon you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that.
by Mick July 09, 2004
dead, gone.
"You are D-E-D, ded!"
by Mick July 22, 2003
Term of exclamation used by many inhabitants of rural ireland
Bejaysus that was a mighty feed woman!
by Mick April 18, 2005
One of the toughest hockey players who ever played in the NHL. He notorious for getting into fights too.
You're Domi, you really pounded on that guy!
by Mick June 30, 2005
To insult someone, horrible come-back line, to tell some one to get away or get lost
Other person: "You are a loser!"
You: "Well yeah, go poop on a stick"
by Mick March 20, 2005
An old Dublin slang for a taxi. Coined due to the horrific condition of the exhaust in pretty much every taxi
"he whistled for a growler"
by Mick November 18, 2004
Variation of "Shut Up."
Shadap you!
by Mick October 22, 2003

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