58 definitions by mick

Verbose and incoherent.
"My guess, ducks and water that is, can't seem to hide outside of a boxing," is a BigCanadiano sentence.
by Mick May 29, 2004
To make something or someone dirty
She dirtied up my car when she used it!
by Mick March 20, 2005
Named after the annoying TV presenter David Dimbleby, a spineless little gibbering cretin-cum-social commentator, meaning someone who is a complete and utter waste of space...
That toadying Prime Minister Blair is a Dimbleby with bar.
by Mick December 07, 2003
1.) a rooster
2.) to pull back on
1.) my gigantic cock outweighed the others at the cock weighing fair.
2.) I cocked my shotgun.
by Mick April 04, 2004
A word thought up in the spur of the moment posted on urban dictionary in hopes of reaching fame
Mick: We should put sparcasticate on urban dictionary
by mick January 28, 2005
A righteous, self-loving, power-hog who will stop at nothing until mere world domination is in his grasp.
by Mick February 13, 2003
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