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An exotic woman with a fiery temper. One of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, too bad there are so little of them. Rumored to have a three times as powerful sex drive as normal women (rumored by the Germans)
by Mick September 29, 2003
When wanking. The continual bringing to the edge of shooting a load but backing off to prolong the pleasure.
I’ve been wanking for hours and edging, man my balls ache real bad.
by Mick April 12, 2004
Complete and utter shit.
"Wow, that was a wasted 20 minutes of my life, I think I'll go and shoot myself now"
by Mick March 20, 2004
A cop out name chosen because Operation Iraqi Liberation has the initails O.I.L.
We're in Iraq for O.I.L.
by Mick March 09, 2004
A chafe recieved between the upper thighs and asscrack brought about by sweaty activities such as walking back and forth or working out of doors. Produces a Baboon-like rash on the buttocks.
"Man, I got a serious case of monkeybutt bartending tonight!" or "Landscaping gave the rudest monkeybutt yesterday!"
by Mick September 21, 2003
Oral sex performed on a woman
I was eating wendy out last night dude, stinky.
by Mick January 26, 2003
Beautiful and smart. Just perfect.
She is the only girl I would like to date.
by mick March 14, 2005

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