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51 definitions by matty

australian slang

a small pond, or hole of water.
gawd daymmit mayt, im thirsty, lets rest at this billabong so we can cool our tinnies (cans of beer) down.
by matty June 24, 2005
Word used where no words are really appropriate, needed, or if there is nothing else really to say. Word used to pass time in randomness.
"Do you want to go to the beach?"
"How are you feeling?"
"And did you enjoy your holidays?"
by matty July 30, 2004
means dont ask your neighbour for suggestions on baby names cause the probably cant spell
hey what should i call my kid - call him piyuash
by matty November 03, 2003
donkey cock lock jaw fucker
Don't be such a kling a ling dong dandy
by matty January 17, 2004
A boss who bases his decisions and approach to people solely on his MBA course.
Tortescu's tidy Friday lost us two laptops and he says that's what's supposed to happen
by Matty February 07, 2005
Female form of dude. Or, feminine male form.
What's up, duder?
by Matty February 26, 2004
Techie term used to generically describe a computer, more specifically the case
I have three boxes, one is a microsoft, one is a mac and the last is a linux.
by matty February 04, 2005