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51 definitions by matty

a new popular word or slang phrase for an ordinary occurence with a pre-defined description.
origional phrase " how cool was that"

buzz word: "how slammin was that!"
by matty June 24, 2005
A way to describe a person that makes you feel warm on the inside. Generally someone who is both attractive and curteous at the same time.
My friend is so melty it makes people jealous.
by Matty March 01, 2004
A place of great terror and evil, located in the bowels of death....wales!
Full of strange beings known as "pupils" or "students" the place is believed in local legend to be the birth places of Satan.
If you're parents tell you you're going to aberconwy, run for you're fucking life.
by Matty January 21, 2004
shit, dirty, crappy, lame ; eg like a skoda car ; white trash
that dudes hair is so Skody; shes such a skody skank!!
by Matty September 23, 2003
marijuana , herb , ganja ,skunkies,weed, reefe, pot, Mary jane
that dude had some wicked huna
by Matty September 23, 2003
Beating someone up untill they are down then wiping your ass in their face.
when someone is about to have a fight tell them to poo the other person
by Matty February 06, 2005
it came from me and dooge a long long time ago, it means jesus christ
Matt: man what the hell?
Dooge: man joysus rarust just shutss aopsss
by matty November 07, 2004