51 definitions by matty

a pregnant carp, or small goldfish.
that fish is a dude, its about to give birth
by matty June 24, 2005
ugly, stupid, cock sucker
Dude that guys mutelabs!!
by Matty February 06, 2005
to chastise with the upmost of force
my tea was cold so i brayed my bird til she gipped
by Matty November 28, 2004
to go somewhere. e.g home
"Oi bois! Let's chip ennit"
"You gonna chip tescos?"
by matty March 16, 2005
the coolest method of transport
my ped is fat
by matty November 20, 2003
ANything you want it to mean preferably fuck or to light up a BOWL
kunk me kunk you kunk kunk kunk
by MATTY December 17, 2004
My cousin who speaks funny and has an evil little brother and like to go shopping.....
You're so Nadicky!
by Matty January 21, 2004
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