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51 definitions by matty

A very cool person who often enjoys stabbing young women on holiday.
Im sephy, you're....my victim!
by Matty January 21, 2004
57 30
a modern version of the 60's stereotype, the techno hippie is left wing idealist,usually university educated, in a low income job, has multiple tattos, piercings and strange muilt-colured hair styles.

socially, the techno hippie attends out-door festivals and illegal rave parties, where large ammounts of drugs are consumed.
also spends much time playing computergames and surfing, both the net and waves.
the people who buy the disk from neo, at the beggining of the film 'matrix'
by matty June 19, 2004
49 23
1.The ability to digitally manipulate one own genital with equal ease between the left and right hands, regardless of ones normal predisposition of left or right dexterity.
2.Abnormally dexterous in masterbation.
kerazi1, after many years of surfing the net and downloading wango138's links had become whackidextreous. It doesn't matter which hand is used, the outcome is always the same.
by matty January 26, 2005
18 1
A person who stirs up controversy. Typically by revealing the truth that has been covered up by a person or group.
Michael Moore can be considered the Nation's muckraker with the way he has exposed corporate America to be greedy and corrupt.
by Matty January 09, 2004
39 24
The name of an anti-angel who is so unlucky it is unlikely that someone will say his name so that he can reap their soul.
There are no examples. This is why it is such an unlucky name.
by Matty November 10, 2003
25 12
The appearance of the inner rectum after something huge has been stuck up someone's ass. It blows out like a red bubble, and then deflates back to its normal size.
'Her booty bubble blew out so big, the bitch almost took off'.
by Matty November 22, 2004
23 13
I want to lick you vagina, (Fangita)
by Matty August 10, 2003
30 20