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false, or immitation...

to pretend.
faux fur...immitation animal fur clothing

faux-pas....a comment made in conversation that reveals to others that you are either stupid or have no idea what your talking about on a particular subject
by matty June 24, 2005
An overly sized male breast.
"My god look at the moobs on him"
by matty July 30, 2004
An activity for kids who go to underground shows, it involves crowdsurfing your way to the stage and then jumping back into the crowd. If the stage is small enough, a stage diver might just get up on stage and dive off into the crowd. At some shows, particularly hardcore/metalcore tough-guycore shows, the stage diver will jump into the crowd feet first, kicking, and punching violently because he is stupid and has no respect. The crowd generally does not like stage divers who can't see their feet. This activity is not usually found at larger concerts for the venues like to put up barriers between the stage and the floor.
I took a stage dive.
by matty November 19, 2004
close, almost, unsubscribing, undecided, new, recent.
a "neo-hampster owner" would be somone who aspires to look after a hampster, understands all the implications and obligations of keeping a hampster, but does not yet have one to look after.
by matty July 21, 2005
(Noun) Dormroom-style foamy cushion chair that flips out into a bed.
Kyle and I couldn't find an empty bed, luckily there was an unused "flip n fuck" upstairs.
by matty January 18, 2004
1.Someone who greases up to the boss and acts like he is the bosses best friend in order to get a promotion.

.1a People who would lick the bosses ass in order too get a promotion

Sameer brown noses the boss when he's around but does practically nothing when hes gone
by Matty September 23, 2003
its where you smash somebody in the leg really hard and there leg goes like numb, and they have trouble moving it because you just smashed it.
Dooge: man just shuts aop!
Matt: DEAD LEG!!!(smash)
Dooge: ow man shits!
by matty November 07, 2004

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