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false, or immitation...

to pretend.
faux fur...immitation animal fur clothing

faux-pas....a comment made in conversation that reveals to others that you are either stupid or have no idea what your talking about on a particular subject
by matty June 24, 2005
254 48
1. false, or immitation; fake

2. Fox News
1. I was just watching faux news and i learned that iraq had WMD's which why america had to attack or else risk another 9/11.

2. I was just watching Faux News and i learned that iraq had WMD's which why america had to attack or else risk another 9/11. Damn liberal media.
by Ricemonkey November 10, 2007
113 62
A term created by a legendary icon named Ralphjos of a game called RumbleFighter which describes the use of a technique called nanmu which basically combo-breaks another user's combo.
SamuraiWay:Almost to my last attack!
-Hezashi does a faux on SamuraiWay.-
SamuraiWay:Oh shit!
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 19, 2012
8 5
1. Mostly referenced to a white teenager who, in high school, tried a bit too hard to please the in crowd. And probably pissed off a lot of black people by stealing the style their culture has had for many generations. For example: Ebonics, sagging of clothes with untied sneakers, really tiny skirts with corn rows, little whitey listening to rap... That kind of thing. In other words, the white kids in Detroit.

2. A liar, deceiver, imitator (see mime), and generally a football player or cheerleader.
Boy: Remember that girl in high school who thought she was faux?

Boy2: Yeah?

Boy: Well, now she's fat, pregnant, and divorced and she's only 19... A lot of good her popularity did her, eh?
by ExanimusViscus August 01, 2008
26 56
1. A way to describe a below standard or not berry good event.
Can be pronounced f-oe or f-ox.

2. The first part of the name of a very good goldfish.
1. You are a faux creep.
A faux thing has happened!

2. Faux kruss! swim around your bowl!
by Mindy63 December 17, 2006
25 69