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To beat up
The baines are larking down the tenfoot braying someone for skagging their pattie and chips
by The Johnster March 25, 2003
the sound made by mules, onagers, right-wingers, donkeys and other members of the jackass family
The mule brayed in protest when urged to a trot.
by Figleaf23 January 14, 2009
The short term for Blu-Ray Discs.
Jimmy: Hey bro, whatcha doing?

Tommy: Nothin much bro, just buying some brays online.
by Jimmy Man January 02, 2011
To be the best of the best, to be the victor the god the don of a situation, a god like status is associated with this slang term.
" Dude that guy was the bray, did you see how he handled them hustlers in that b-ball game", " man you just saved my ass that shit was braying ite", " to be the best, to be the worste, to be the don, is to be the bray"
by jesterpauline March 27, 2008
someone who you consider a good friend. only works for guys. variation of "bro." Only useable by true pwnzors
"yo what up brayyy!!!"
by orzin November 30, 2009
A gay bro. Some one who chugs beers, smoke cheap cigarettes, eats a box of captain crunch with Cheetos for lunch.
Twink:Hey look at those pack of brays leaving the Red Ivy!

Muscle jock: yeah Wrigleyville is way too douchy for me.
by King of the mo's December 05, 2013
A term used in India to describe a sex act in which two lesbians scissor while hanging off an elephant.
Gita and Kanta are Braying over by that watering hole.
by KahliIndianSexGodess June 17, 2013