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to feel extremely excited as if you just saw a rock star, crush, celebrity, that made u seem speachless or incompetent of acting normal.
the second that johnny depp walked into the store all the women became giddy like a little school girl
by k_u May 07, 2007
1. a term used for a girl who has a tendency and a track record for not only dating a lot of guy, but dating a lot of sucky ones... you know what i'm talking about!
jen: i just broke up with brad

missy: well you should stop kissing frogs trying to find yourself a prince.. you'll jsut end up with warts
by k_u August 15, 2008
1.someone who has issues..
2. that one guy you know used to eat glue, smells like pee, and is in college still collecting pokemon cards..
3. that one creepy guy with a beardy which you make rhyme weardy with a beardy (oops sorry grandma!)
4. someone who lives in awkward land is completely an antisocial bizarre being who reeks of liver and onions
dood1: man i was watching this kick butt movie "shoot em up" in theaters when this guy kept twitching and spilling popcorn all over the place!!
dood2: man what a weirdy!
by k_u August 15, 2008
1. Kanoa (the last one one known to man)
2. the ultimate trump character.
3. pretty much a beast of a warrior i mean they are pretty much bred for their skills an magic, known to be immortal though its not proven.. not enough scientific research has been done on them..
4. A spartan slayer
pirates can beat ninjas! no ninjas can beat pirates! screw all of you im a frikin jedininjapirate
by k_u August 15, 2008
1.a brain debilitating disease that comes from goign to skool..
2. the effects of having sucky classes that make you stupider or dumber..
3. slang for school/skool... but not in a positive way... (you never say it like your excited to be there or even desiring to be there...)
dood1:hey man you wanna hang out?
dood2: no man sorry I can't i have skooliosis..

dood1: bummer
by K_U September 13, 2008
1. what in the world mixed with ridiculous.
2. what? that is riculous!
3. I can't believe my eyes that was redick!
4. the PG way to say what the !@#$ (you fill in the blank with your favorite 4 letter word)
dood1: hey bro dog.. why were you so late?

dood2: I my car was stolen!

dood1: what the dickulous?!? bro don't you live in like a gated community? AND who would want YOUR car?
by k_u August 15, 2008
1.something really gross or completely disgusting,
dood:i went to the bathroom and someone had sharted all over the seat, i don't think he made it!

Dood2:AWW bro! that is so McNasty
by k_u August 15, 2008

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