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When you don't have time to prepare a meal for the company coming over, so you buy takeout and pretend like it's homemade.
"I waited too late to start the stir fry, so I just ordered some from China Garden and put it in my own bowl. I got compliments all night, and had to give out a bogus recipe. It was a successful fakeout."
by misspelld March 10, 2010
When a member of the female sex wears sunglasses so big that it fakes out guys on whether or not they are attractive. These are most commonly seen among individuals like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan and their followers.
"DAMNNN that's a hott girl driving over there." "Nah man, she's wearing fake outs, she's probably not cute."
by KLM1991 April 18, 2010
To pretend to make out, by putting your hands together, placing them over the other's lips, and kissing your knuckles passionately.
My friends had a fake out session, but accidentally licked each other and gave themselves away.
by Lixxie October 17, 2009
verb- the act of teasing a guy, without kissing, but proceeding farther with physical actions, for example articles of clothing being removed and heavy petting
a prostitute doesn't kiss but pleasures a male in many different ways is a fake-out
by Lacey Carter April 07, 2006
to fake make out, or to make out fakely.
James blushed as his two best friends proceeded to fake out in front of him - he knew they were just faking it to mess with him, but even so he couldn't help a momentary flash of anger and lust; stemming from the many times he had imagined his own lips upon their gossamer-soft angel-lips.
by fine_dine_decca January 30, 2010
When a girl is on her knees prepared to take your load she closes her eyes, and instead you turn around and shit in her mouth.
Ryan totally pulled a fakeout on your mom last night.
by Irv the Perv October 21, 2008
the definition is a good from far but far from good way of checking a person out.. when u think u see a hottie from far off until u get close and realize they aren't that great looking your left witha screwed up lok on your face going what happened! u totally faked me out!
bro i though that she was hot but it was a 10 ft fakeout!
by k_u May 07, 2007
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