Internet chat abbreviation for "fuck that".

Word created by: Awesome Richard
jimbo00234: I payed $2.00 for my bottle of Fiji water.

mrman45: FT! That's expensive
by Laura December 04, 2004
FT (AKA Fransisco Torres, Fuck Towers) is the name of the dorms about a mile away from the UCSB campus. One third of the freshman class at UCSB lives there. Since it is a mile from campus, FT residents have certain perks such as private bathrooms, a private swimming pool, and extra large rooms. Basically, people who live in it love it, but people who do not live in it feel sorry for the people who do.

Apparently, the school tried to change the name of the dorms to "Santa Catalina", but it is and always will be FT. This is because back in the day, the dorm was shared between UCSB and SBCC students, which made it a wild party dorm. Eventually, UCSB bought the building and tried to change the name in order to indicate that it was only for UCSB students.

FT was rated by Playboy one year as one of the "most promiscuous" undergrad dorm buildings in the US. This is because guys and girls are put in the same hall, which inevitably leads to hookups. Other activities include doing bong rips in the bathrooms and playing beer pong across the suite.

It is not uncommon for one to hear non-freshmen screaming "FUCK FT!" from their cars as they drive by the building. In some cases, this is an insult, but in others, it is a term of endearment.

All in all, FT is an amazing dorm, but the mile bike ride to class takes some getting used to.
A: Awesome! You go to UCSB! Where do you live?
A: Legit! That bike ride must be a bitch though.
B: Yeah it is, but it's worth it! Soooo many hot girls. I'm definitely making FT live up to its Fuck Tower reputation.
by Gauchoooooooooo October 17, 2010
Short for "future talent"; used to describe a young person who looks like they will grow up to be good looking, but either is not yet good looking or (more commonly) it would be considered socially inappropriate to refer to them as "hot" in light of their age.
James: Hey bob, check out that schoolgirl.

Herbert: Cripes, she looks like she's about 12.

Bob: Sheeeeeet man, that's some FT right there.
by Meowmixbigtime September 14, 2010
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