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two meanings both the most accurate!
1. its pc (pollitically correct) and also a dyslexic's p.o.v of the word gay (as in omo-sexwal, not the happy kind, you know faeries?) so say it you'll feel like a ninja when you realize that the person has no idea what your saying (note to self (yag=gay bassackwards!)
2. its the abbreviated form of Y.ou A.re G.ay and its meaning gay as in sf flamboyant castro district hits on you gay not happy
1. tom" you think i'm weird for watching a chik flik by myself?"
jen" bro your yag!"
2. tom" you really think im yag?"
jen" no i don't just think i i know Y.A.G.
by k_u May 07, 2007
the definition is a good from far but far from good way of checking a person out.. when u think u see a hottie from far off until u get close and realize they aren't that great looking your left witha screwed up lok on your face going what happened! u totally faked me out!
bro i though that she was hot but it was a 10 ft fakeout!
by k_u May 07, 2007
best way to add to all of these besides lower social class rank than you, take it back to the elizabethan era.. in a arena where shakespere would put on a show the lower class would be in the pee-on section the upper class would never leave their seat except to hang over the balcony and pee-on or barf or fart or whatever on the little townspeople ( i don't think this is historically accurate but lets have an imagination shall we>?>?!)
"brutus let these little peons have a taste of thy wonderful wine that thou hast made thee drunk as a horse.."
by k_u May 07, 2007

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