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1. The act of being or becoming more stupid. 2. The word that should be a word, but people are too afraid to make it legit.
Since break, I feel stupider by the second.
#stupid #not smart #legit #awesome #for real
by massivemegan December 20, 2010
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The more linguistic and non-dictionary version or "more stupid" which makes it easier to say
"You're stupider" b*tch
#stupid #more stupid #stupider #stupidier #smarter #more smarter
by imsquadlixxerd January 09, 2015
Being more stupid.
He is more stupider than me.
#ridiculous #idiot #stupid #dumb #not smart
by candygal August 09, 2011
1. Adj. slang. A word So Commonly used in place of "more stupid" that it should be its own slang word. and with the creation of this definition, it is.
"The phrase 'more stupid' takes more time to write out and is much Stupider then just writing 'Stupider'."
by Antimaple Dame August 16, 2005
when each Jason Friedberg movie becomes more stupid than the previous.
Disaster movie will be stupider than epic movie,date movie,and all the scary movies combined.
#jason #friedman #likes #the #cock
by Sgt.Osiris August 27, 2008
Not a real word.
You are stupider than me.
by orf October 27, 2002
most stupid, more stupid then something else
grace is feeling stupider the connor gomer
#stupid #stupidest #idiot #moron #stoop
by white black December 08, 2010
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