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to dicipline, punish, or teach one a lesson. typically condescending in nature. also frequently used to taunt others online, but usage is similar.

note. in these instances, it must be used as a verb.
1)imma skool that mofo for messing with me.

2) haha d00d u got skooled in deathmatch
by vodka June 02, 2004
114 50
A different way to spell school. This spelling is for the idiots that dropped out of "skool"
I hate "skool."
by Apul January 29, 2003
137 81
How they spell 'school' on Invader Zim. The school has the word 'SKOOL' in large letters upon its roof.
I need to be at skool in 5 minutes!
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 18, 2003
95 58
Old Skool.
New Skool.
Fuck Skool.
by John March 22, 2003
95 70
a place that you dont need to go, all you need is an eight ball and some beer
by nuttin September 09, 2003
50 51
(also known as school)
see HELL
i hate skool.
skool sux.
by mumpy December 10, 2004
23 32
Short for "It's cool."
"Skool, baby."
by Dr. Shatner June 06, 2004
27 40