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A person who is strange, odd.
A: 'Think I'm just gonna play Magic on my own tonight...'

B: 'You fucking weirdy.'
by McBronson August 27, 2008
1.someone who has issues..
2. that one guy you know used to eat glue, smells like pee, and is in college still collecting pokemon cards..
3. that one creepy guy with a beardy which you make rhyme weardy with a beardy (oops sorry grandma!)
4. someone who lives in awkward land is completely an antisocial bizarre being who reeks of liver and onions
dood1: man i was watching this kick butt movie "shoot em up" in theaters when this guy kept twitching and spilling popcorn all over the place!!
dood2: man what a weirdy!
by k_u August 15, 2008
an uncomfortable feeling. similar to 'the uh-oh feeling'
Joe said his friend would give me a ride home, but when i met him, he definitely gave me the weirdies, so i decided to walk instead.
by hilary potter December 22, 2008
The state of not only being abnormal, but strange to the point that instead of saying the state of being abnormal you would say 'the state of being abbey-normal.' While in this state you cannot get either the D or the V Unless you are with someone equally as wierdy at midnight.

1.)pretending your best friend and you are in a relationship much further than friends.
2.)doing a two or more person activity with yourself .
3.) doing something risky like taking the short cut on mario kart just to feel alive
4.) thinking the activity in number three is risky.
5.) quoting movies in every conversation and situation.
6.)coming up with words that sort of mean the same thing as a word that already exists.
"Hey we should chill with Maci sometime!"
"Nah, she's weirdy"
by MotherAppreciator January 02, 2013
!) an insulting name to call someone

2) a way to describe something

3) someone annoying, odd, weird, frustrating, or stupid

4) a way to describe an indescribable person
you're a total weirdy!

ugh, this is so weirdy...
by pooooosan August 08, 2010
A word to generally put before the adjective 'weird', which is known to sound very, very cool in society parties.
'Do you know Mike?'
'Of course, he's such a weirdy weird.'
by frenchfreak July 29, 2009
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