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83 definitions by jimbob

the asian invasion combined into one "dope ass" word
jerry's eyes are so slanted, he must be part of the invasian
by jimbob February 15, 2003
spass (german for "fun")
monkey (english for "monkey")

spassmonkey is a well-known web celebrity who can often found swinging around the web, eating bananas.

he is also the spiritual leader of 'the children of hanuman' monkey cult.
hey, it's spassmonkey! that little critter is kinda crazy.
by jimbob April 23, 2004
1) To totally dominate your parters ass in anal sex.

2) To fuck insanely
1) I pounded Sam Newman's mom last night. She bled profusely.

2) I pounded Hannah and i tore a hole.
by jimbob March 21, 2005
A roller coatser that is over 400 feet high
Top thrill dragster at Cedar Point
by Jimbob January 09, 2005
uber l33t graphic designer
Oh my god Billy, that poster by Liqachu fucking rocks.
by Jimbob October 31, 2003
tuffie - confectionary

comes from middle england
"you coming to the tuffie shop mate?"
by jimbob January 21, 2004
large, unattractive pants
by jimbob October 19, 2003