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83 definitions by jimbob

Hick phrase fer awesome
Ahh; gitty up!
by JimBob January 31, 2003
A small Amit Patel Variant used as small attack dogs
Im gonna get my ambo to rip your balls off jimbob
by JimBob December 25, 2003
the south park spin off on the pokemon craze... this was one of the best episodes evar!
im going to collect all the chinpokomon to be crowned royal chinpoko master, whoa!
by jimbob February 16, 2003
1. A sleuth food detective. A master of discovering what is hidden.
2. One who has discovered the health benefits of eating McDonalds Cheeseburgers, KFC chicken, and Hungry Man Dinners 4 times a day.
3. When someone figures out how something works, he or she is a real FATLOCK.
1."Hey, Has anyone seen the entire goddamn pizza I put in the Fridge last night!?"

"Ask Fatlock"

2. "I used the microwave to bake this batch of cookies and a pot pie at the same time, mmmmmmmmm!."

"nNice going, Fatlock"
by JIMBOB January 22, 2004
see "buttsex"
mmmmm that buttsekz was good last night.
by jimbob November 14, 2002
quite litterally, a fine piece of ass

see poon
w0w that pootinany pie last night was so good
by jimbob February 15, 2003
the asian invasion combined into one "dope ass" word
jerry's eyes are so slanted, he must be part of the invasian
by jimbob February 15, 2003