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83 definitions by jimbob

tuffie - confectionary

comes from middle england
"you coming to the tuffie shop mate?"
by jimbob January 21, 2004
5 2
large, unattractive pants
by jimbob October 19, 2003
7 4
'The waiters choice' anabolic steriod developed for the catering environment. boosts strength in right arm for pint pulling efficiancy, locks left arm at 90 degrees for extra plate lifting ability and eliminates need for sleep and general lust for a break allowing the user to work seemingly impoosible shifts.
A Servalone a day keeps the slacker at bay.
by jimbob September 20, 2003
2 0
A jizz receptacle. Similar in size and shape to a wizards sleeve. Smells a bit like Grimsby when the boat comes in.
"pass the Adderley old chap! I do appear to be cumming again"
by JimBob March 24, 2004
7 6
The impersonation of the mighty frith by dropping,tripping,spilling or breaking.
Wax?....what WAX!!!
by jimbob December 20, 2003
2 1
an EXTREMELY hairy cunt or beaver. so hairy that it seems to defy the laws of physics. this term cannot be used loosely.
omfg did u see the diti muff on that heffer?
by jimbob February 15, 2003
3 2
The stuff left in your boxers/underpants when you do a wet fart
My boxers are covered in anal juices man!
by Jimbob April 17, 2004
12 12