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83 definitions by jimbob

something you write in very large print on your forehead and show off in public places.
hot chick: lance looks so dope with pen15 written on his forehead
by jimbob November 23, 2002
To have had sexual intercourse.
1. Boy, Leslie's been getting her rolls stacked every night from what I hear.

2. Hey Bobby, did you stack Susie's rolls last night or what?
by JimBob January 28, 2005
to be so hungry you cannot think of anything or concentrate on anything but food
Meggie said to Stacey "Man, I was so puchy right before lunch in calculus"
by Jimbob October 07, 2004
One who can do balloon- modelling with the inside of one's throat. A massive asset at childrens parties and in the bedroom. Usually Kingstanding females possess this talent, but it has been known for more men to be born with this amazing gene.
"look, another Adderley! Mummy's made a little balloon doggy. Isn't Mummy clever!!"
by JimBob January 29, 2004
The word "hed" is commonly confused with "head." "Hed" is a synonym for "blow job."
The 98 year old prostitute next door gave my grandpa hed.
by Jimbob January 15, 2004
someone who tries to get a diet but fails miserably at it

a physically well-rounded person
OMG look at the d-pak

yea he must have eaten 5 donuts in less than a second

by jimbob October 12, 2003
bronfufu likes gay man buttsekz
by jimbob May 02, 2003