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1. To spray down with machine gun fire.
2. To completely ruin something.
The CO jumped out of the bushes but he got hosed by the VC.

That damn virus hosed my disk drive.
by Secret Agent Man September 18, 2003
1. To spray liberaly, but accurately with bullets - Generally with a select fire firearm, Machine gun, or autocannon.

not to be confused with "spray and pray" or "room broom."
2. A firearm with high accuracy and high rate of fire - which spews bullets as if water from a hose.
1. I entered the room in first position, encountered a hostile and hosed him.

2. The Apache rolled in guns hot, and hosed down the building where the enemy resistance was centered.

3. There are civilians in there - so don't just breach and Hose down the place
4. The Heckler and Koch MP5 is a real bullet hose

5. Tango on the move! HOSE him!!!
by IronHand October 07, 2009
to cheat, trick, or take advantage of.
Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, hose, and being hosed.
by sinbabee April 22, 2009
1. A general nickname for anybody
2. someone who is annoying, stupid, bad at anyhting
1. "hey"
"what up hose"
2. "Dude i hate this teacher so much"
"i know shes a total hose"
by mister mugumbu December 12, 2008
a males penis thats spews out semen and urine for sex play.
i love to perform oral sex on my mans hose. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
by gunslingergirlvy_s_e December 03, 2005
To fuck leisurely, slowly and deeply for an :) extended period of time.
Man, they really hosed you on that job. I think were really going to take a hosin on this new contract. What does that hoser think he is doin?
by wright May 15, 2005
This verb began in the 1960's when rioters were controlled in large cities especially New York and Chicago by fire hoses. The Democratic Convention in Chicago provided images every night of Mayor Daily's police knocking down rioters and looters with high-pressure water hoses. New York's draft riots were more violent and the Army even sent tanks to discourage massive looting. But, since the evening news was edited in New Your by New York biased TV news organizations fewer hosing were shown in that city.
Jim was hosed by the pigs and fell breaking his new tv.
by sawboy December 01, 2005
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