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A leather brand that makes purses, wallets,keychains,shoes and many other accessories
She brough her coach bag with her everywhere which contained her matching wallet and she wore her matching coach shoes.
by Trisha December 04, 2003
Cute bags and accessories..I've found them to be addicting I can't stop buying there
I love my coach mini sig hobo, but sometimes while shopping I just use a simple wristlet
by Emmi January 19, 2005
A guy, who is not liked, that is in charge of a bunch of people. Also known as a "dirty asshole."
That coach left me on the bench all season.
by BlueV March 10, 2009
Designer handbags for girls and young women before they graduate to more expensive and luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, or Gucci. Usually found in more upscale malls and falls into the mid range category between cheap and expensive.
Lisa: Hey nice Coach bag, is it new?
Jenn: Yeah I'd figure it'd last me until I graduate from college
Lisa: Girl, I hear ya

Seth: Dude she's like 35 and still has a Coach handbag!
by window shopper November 05, 2009
A man or woman who has several partners of the opposite sex who all know about each other and willingly play their role. The partners are deemed to be on the roster. This is different from a player because there is no lying or misleading involved. Phrase made popular by Fabolous in the song "Can't Let You Go"
Guy 1: "You're the biggest player I know."
Guy 2: "I am not a player, I'm a coach."
Guy 1: "What's the difference?"
Guy 2: "I never lie to these females and I keep a whole roster of them.

Fabolous: "When the starting lineup ain't playing right, I come off the bench with her."
by alton_k2000 January 11, 2012
Someone who knows everything about a subject, can teach it, but is unable to perform it at a competitive level.
"You idiot, she's totally into you. Why don't you ask her out"
"Good call Coach. Hey, why haven't you asked _____ out yet then?"
"Insert long winded explanation"
by sangnasty November 09, 2011
An adjective that is close in definition to the word "sick".
Derived from the noun Coach, meaning a person of expertise that has plenty of skill and knowledge.
Man your new ride is too coach!
I know bro, check out the chrome 22s!
by IBZam September 26, 2011