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doing something deemed unnaceptable to people who regard themselves as gangsters such as going on their " turf" or telling them to stop doing something they really shouldnt be doing in the first place, which is seen as unnacceptable and deeply offending to "gangsters" who will probably proceed to "bang u up"
" oi bruv dont have it, how can manz tell u to stop harrasing innocent people, naaa blud thats a invasion"
by bgd4life April 15, 2008
When a man has sex with a girls anus.
She walked out the room when I tried to give her an invasion
by Basta June 27, 2007
talking bout illegals that cross the boarder. since they are called aliens
give it ten years and these aliens are gonna start an invasion.
by Nigga Bnastie March 26, 2008