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Another word for marijuana.
Is there a difference between "smoking" and "puffing" the chibba?
by java monster February 22, 2008
A stupidly big shoe. When someone's shoe is so mammoth it is as if they're sailing down the street in those gargantuan laced souls.
The only shoes the little asian lady could find to wear were Shaq's slippers, so she walked out to get the mail in a pair of foot canoes.

Big-foot went to the shoe store where Al Bundy fit his tootsie with a foot canoe.
by java monster February 18, 2008
A shower that lasts an extended amount of time, usually greater than an hour.
Jessica was going to shower; however, it was cold enough in her bathroom that she decided to have a shour instead.
by java monster February 25, 2008
The puff that arises in ones eye lids after a serious smoke session.
All this chibba been given me hamburger eyes.
by java monster February 24, 2008
A master of the art of conning.
That hamburglar is a real sly goose.
by java monster February 22, 2008
A delicious brownie from someone's rectum.
I turned the bathroom into a bakery today when I whipped up a steaming fresh batch of terd muffins.
by java monster February 22, 2008
Cave man currency. Jurassic dollars.
"Me buy girl for 10 bones." - Rupaul.

"Cost me 30 bones to fill my tank this afternoon."
by java monster February 22, 2008

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