28 definitions by java monster

Shooting a beer like a missile.
Goddard doesn't drink, he skudwizers.
by java monster February 22, 2008
A classic amongst nerd hair stylings. When the hair is greasy and parted on the side.
I had to sneak into the chess club's lair to steal my girlfreind's undies back, so I whipped up a schooly doo and a retainer and went dork for a day.
by java monster February 22, 2008
1.) Ambiguously high; as in not plugged into reality.

2.) Unplugged
The cat's been plugged out ever since we fish bowled it's kitty-condo.

The TV isn't working right... ...I think it's too plugged out...
by java monster February 22, 2008
A girl with a really long skinny neck. Most commonly noted for the goofy nature in which their head sways back and forth when they run.
I saw some african giraffodils sporting some stupid necklaces in national geographic this morning.

That family of narrow necked indian people who live next door are growing a giraffodil in their backyard; however, I don't think it's right that they let it play outside with the normal kids.
by java monster February 22, 2008
The act of plunging a finger into the heart of a cube of corn bread.
Three-J made a penis on rye at the cafeteria during lunch.
by java monster February 24, 2008
For a person to be a genius and an ass all in one sitting.
He might have solved the energy crisis; however, he didn't have to punch my pooch. What a geniass.
by java monster February 25, 2008
A terrible friend or a beloved enemy.
The dog's been a real rummy this week with it's pooping in the fish tank habits and blaming it on the cat, but I still love that pooch.
by java monster February 22, 2008
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