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To be out from a bowl in cricket.
Commentator: He's got him!!! He's been bowled by that beautiful Yorker
by nick_tplss July 13, 2006
A confident gait often associated with mavericks
He bowled up to the bouncers without a fear in the world
by Richard hartley November 23, 2007
Hair cut your mother gave you as a child by cutting around a bowl on your head or a person sporting a bowl haircut resulting in getting dropped in on.
Nice bolwe cut I feel like dropping in on your ars...
by chris freeman May 15, 2005
When someone steals your bowl, leaving you with nothing to smoke out of.
Guy 1: Some kyke stole my bowl last night and I couldn't bake.

Guy 7: HA, you got bowled.
by Callmetheduck September 28, 2014