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6 definitions by hydro

garbage material marijuana
That weed is babbage
by hydro April 04, 2003
107 45
Fucking dogs, mainly female ones.
Johnny Bitch-fucked his dog Suzy :P
by Hydro September 12, 2003
11 11
A variant of domination. Often used when power thrusting an object or person.
Yeah, and then they caught me dominating the propane tank, you know the one with the clown's head on it. Its great, I've dominated everything in this room.
by hydro January 03, 2004
14 21
a cock male penis
#cak on gamesnet is where all the caks at dave is a homo
by HYDRO December 22, 2003
5 14
1. (acronym) Strategic Airstrike Command
2. A word applied at the end of any other word to help complete a sentence, commonly used by those with inferior vocabularies
1. The U.S. Military has an intense SAC
2. Lets order a pizzaSAC
3. Yo, wheres the controllerSAC
4. Good oldcomputerSAC
by hydro January 03, 2004
5 23
laughing at monitor
kinda like lol but now your lamming it up like a fat chick
a-c and dave lam together
by HYDRO January 01, 2004
6 27