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Starting ten Facebook chats with anyone and everyone and making it seem like you want to have a conversation with them but leaving all of a sudden, typically by using the excuse of "brb pooping", "brb driving", or "brb league"
A: Dude, Nathan just chatted me!
B: Wait, are you sure he's not lamming you?
A: Nah we have important stuff to talk about
A: Wait, nvm he just left the convo to go poo. He was lamming.
by Lamming June 29, 2014
to lam.

1. The act of ringing a bell in a loud and obscene manner.

2. To play the bass guitar and slowly lose your clothes into various pieces of stage equipment.

also lammed, lammer, lammery.
That bell took a lamming it will never forget.

I lammed all of my clothes during a 15-minute bass solo. Hand me that sock.
by Abort Rumor Zed July 08, 2005
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