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garbage material marijuana
That weed is babbage
by hydro April 04, 2003
Very low quality marijuana. For example, very stemmy, very seedy, or green sawdust.
Man I ain't payin for this babbage, lets get a gram of coke instead
by SusieGreenberg January 10, 2006
Charles Babbage - British Genius. He fought successful against the "Chiffre Indéchiffrable" by Blaise de Vigenere and is considered as one of the greatest personalities in the history of cryptography.
by John Mitchell July 18, 2005
Bad Marijuana. Seedy weed.
"My homeboy stays smoking that babbage"
by Goldsboro Grams November 19, 2007
Sorry, pathetic, otherwise lacking in skill or talent.
Geovany Soto is pure babbage!
by arringskins June 13, 2009
A possible replacement for any word known to man since the beginning of time.
"I took my daughter to see The Smurfs last night, and she said it sucked massive babbage erections."

"Don't you mean: I took my babbage to see The Babbages last babbage, and she said it sucked massive babbage erections?"

by Babbage Man November 03, 2011
means " ugly" not good looking or tore up
"that girl over there is some str8 babbage."

his cd is babbage foreal"
by dro February 24, 2003

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