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Beautiful with a great personality, this person will make your heart melt.
I love my Suzy till the day I die
by gretchen December 17, 2004
Magnetic, emotionally intense. While you present a calm and smiling face to the're ferociously persistent and strong willed. Intensely sexual. Dangerous.
He was not prepared for the storm that was Suzy.
by Bittenbyme February 06, 2010
1.Romanian for gorgeous.

2. The greatest threat to monkeys wearing skirts and horizontal socks.

I can't describe how suzy you are to me!

I want to take you the most suzy mountains in all of Canada!
by monkeyhater3123123123 April 20, 2010
The most talented girl you will ever meet. very self concious but doesnt show it. A suzy is beautifull and some other girls envy her body and looks, and she knows it :) suzy is very smart but acts dumber than she is. sometimes blonde. never the most popular girl in school, but is still popular. sometimes wears a lot of makeup and is a good cheerleader :)
person A: you see that pretty girl over there? yeah i think shes going to be famous someday!

Person B: wow i know what you mean! she must be suzy!
by kaykay8630 December 01, 2011
1.Short for Susan or Suzanne.

2. The nickname for a female Mallard duck. The male is called Greenhead.
Suzy's pet Mallard duck, Mallary, is a suzy.
by Mona Lott February 21, 2006
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