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472 definitions by david

to have hatred towards or to hate on(Insult.)
he droped a huge bottle of Hateraid on me.
by david December 09, 2003
Meaning "Elite", which on the internet is spelled "31337". This was then shortened to "1337" or "l33t" and pronounced "Leet". A l33t is one who "pwns" (owns) "n00bs" (players who are bad at a particular game) all day long locked away in their dark room, perhaps hacking a mainframe or two. Closely associated with h4x0rz (hackers) that are good at what they do.
I am teh uber l33t h4x0r that will pwn all teh n00bs! w00t!
by David October 11, 2005
a word you say when you dont know the answer to the question
Question: what is a fox?
Answer: rere
by david July 30, 2003
in a relationship where you and your girl/boyfreind have and continue to have sexual relations.
bob and sally are going steady
by David February 12, 2004
(interjection) it's like the word "sike!", but you only use it in serious situations.
(At a funeral)...Oh my gosh! The body is alive! He never died....sie!
by David January 08, 2003
Nobody denies that she's sexually active; not even Britney Spears herself. Sluts are women who have sex with numbers of men without having relationships with them. Britney Spears is married. Just because she's extremely attractive and is comfortable with expressing her sexuality rather than hiding it from the media doesn't mean she's a slut.
Britney Spears is pretty damn hot and nobody can deny that.
by david January 22, 2005
A big babushka on a womans crotch
AKA Fur Burger
Dude, I was totally gonna fuck that girl but then she pulled down her pants an she had a huge merck
by David November 18, 2004