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Nobody denies that she's sexually active; not even Britney Spears herself. Sluts are women who have sex with numbers of men without having relationships with them. Britney Spears is married. Just because she's extremely attractive and is comfortable with expressing her sexuality rather than hiding it from the media doesn't mean she's a slut.
Britney Spears is pretty damn hot and nobody can deny that.
by david January 22, 2005
Means to fight, scrap ect. This word is used down south
You seen that bitch get in Chris face like dat? They bout to ton in dis bitch
by David July 31, 2004
in a relationship where you and your girl/boyfreind have and continue to have sexual relations.
bob and sally are going steady
by David February 12, 2004
an answer to a question that u dont know the fucking answer
question: where is ur mom?
Answer: rere
by david July 30, 2003
A big babushka on a womans crotch
AKA Fur Burger
Dude, I was totally gonna fuck that girl but then she pulled down her pants an she had a huge merck
by David November 18, 2004
An incurable affliction of the duodenum.
I'm so sorry sir, but you've got Schenectady.
by David November 08, 2003
No pubes. Also a codename for a male with a very high voice; Ie: A guy that almost sounds like a girl.
Dude, did you hear Paul and Joedda sing at the performance today? It was good, but I couldn't tell who was who. They both sounded the same! That Paul is such a goddamn NP.
by David May 27, 2003

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