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Baby-talk word for dad. It is wrong for adults to call their father ''daddy''. Adults call their father ''dad''.
''Daddy'' is baby-talk.
by David March 06, 2004
an answer to a question that u dont know the fucking answer
question: where is ur mom?
Answer: rere
by david July 30, 2003
(interjection) it's like the word "sike!", but you only use it in serious situations.
(At a funeral)...Oh my gosh! The body is alive! He never died....sie!
by David January 08, 2003
A big babushka on a womans crotch
AKA Fur Burger
Dude, I was totally gonna fuck that girl but then she pulled down her pants an she had a huge merck
by David November 18, 2004
A girl with one tit or one tit bigger than the other
I was gonna fuck this girl in Huntsville Alabama once but she was a hayes.
by David November 19, 2004
in a relationship where you and your girl/boyfreind have and continue to have sexual relations.
bob and sally are going steady
by David February 12, 2004
No pubes. Also a codename for a male with a very high voice; Ie: A guy that almost sounds like a girl.
Dude, did you hear Paul and Joedda sing at the performance today? It was good, but I couldn't tell who was who. They both sounded the same! That Paul is such a goddamn NP.
by David May 27, 2003

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