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472 definitions by david

A salute from the rear.
You should walk right up there and give her the rear admiral.
by David October 19, 2003
8 34
Doe, No only with a D
"Hey you gots any money?"
"Doe I just spent it all"
by David March 05, 2005
3 30
really really nasty easter candy
Peeps taste like shit
by David April 27, 2004
247 275
A band that redefines, and recreates something new, that people acually like and sounds good, instead of crap like Country-Rap. Will beat the snott out of you when compared to crap.
I will Linkin Park you if you keep talking like that to me.

I like to Linkin Park this movie.
by David February 17, 2005
33 62
Australian term, used primarily when playing table soccer. Invoked whenever a memorable or important goal is scored.
Must be delivered menacingly, low pitched and through gritted teeth.
The better the goal, the more forceful and drawn out the phrase has to be
Dave scores goal on Sam.
by David April 04, 2005
17 47
The General American term for a fizzy drink.
I want to go buy a soda. All Americans should understand what this word means. It is sometimes miscalled ''pop''.
by David January 15, 2004
61 91
Probably some girl being a bitch about everything
Yo, bitch stop bitchin!
by David March 24, 2004
9 40