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The feeling of complete contentment and release in that bite of your favorite food. Usually brought on at first vocally finally making you feel good and complete. Like you need nothing else in the world, but to finish eating.
"Ohhh my gosh!!! This is sooo frickin good.. mmmmmm. holy crap foogasm"

"MMMM this muffin is foogasmic"

"That ice cream made me foogasm"
by ---Brooke August 19, 2007
14 3
When a food is so good, that it causes your mouth to have an orgasm.
Dude, that mac and cheese was foo-gasmic!
by Kyulia November 17, 2010
0 0
food orgasm
"That food was foogasmic," she said while moaning.
by gotomeeting September 29, 2010
0 1
The act of having an orgasm brought on by eating
The chicken Caciatore was so wonderful I had a foogasm!
by David November 21, 2004
9 10