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An incurable affliction of the duodenum.
I'm so sorry sir, but you've got Schenectady.
by David November 08, 2003
hold pen in between pecs
You know your chest is huge if you can kwok a pen.
by david February 24, 2004
Two words that people from the South of the United States mispronounce the same way. They always mispronounce ''pen'' as ''pin''. That's an incorrect pronunciation. ''pen'' is supposed to have the ''e'' sound in ''pet'' not the ''i'' sound in ''pit''.
Those Southerners have a problem with not distinguishing ''en/in'' and ''em/im'' and pronounce the words ''hem'' and ''him'', and ''pen'' and ''pin'' the same way which are correctly pronounced differently.
by David December 18, 2004
As you cum on your girlfriends face you punch her right in the nose, causing a nose bleed which then combines with your cum.
Damn yo, My girlfriend was hungry so I gave her a strawberry shortcake.
by David August 22, 2005
The proper way to say ''ain't I''. ''Aren't I'' means ''am I not''.
Don't say ''ain't I''. ''Aren't I'' is correct. I'm in my car, aren't I.
by David March 06, 2004
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