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n. An audio compression algorithm which is sonically superior to the more widely-known .mp3 compression algorithm, due to the lossless nature of .flac compression. Audio encoded in .mp3 are, however, typically 1/10th the size of .flac, which may be one reason why the .mp3 format retains such popularity over the .flac format.
I encoded the entire Led Zeppelin catalog to .flac, so I will be able to enjoy the best songs ever written in crystal, clear lossless audio even if my daughter scratches up all my original CDs.
by G0lluM May 20, 2005
1) type of audio compression. loved for its small file size, losslessness, and seekability
2) synonymous with the word gay
3) a bot in the lossless hub
1) Today billy encoded the burps and farts tapes to FLAC

2) I believe that Craig is flamboyantly FLAC

3) <Syco54645> fuck off FLAC
<FLAC> Watch it Syco54645, Please chill with the language.
by Syco54645 August 11, 2003
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