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an disassociative/hallucenogenic drink made with one bottle of extra strength robotussin, one shot of rum and vodka, and a jolly rancher.
"sippin on some syrup" or "man paul(dj paul) slow this shit down im of that syrup"
by David April 14, 2003
A socially accepted, cool way to say "I am a big loser who couldn't get a date, but need something shorter than this to answer peoples' question of 'Who are you going with?'
"Who are you going with?"
"I'm going stag"
"Oh...what a loser."
"I know."
by David May 06, 2005
A word for people who hate homosexuals. Like anti-semitism, this word is illogical because there should, by this logic, be a word to define anybody who hates anything, such as, say, Catholics. But there isn't because it's only a word to throw at people and make them seem ignorant for disagreeing with something they see as wrong, no matter how reasonable their purpose is. Basically, this is an unneeded word.
"You're mad at me for not paying my bills? You're just a homophobe!"
--Gay roommate
by David December 16, 2004
A Province within the United States of a America
I ate cheese in wisconsin
by David November 07, 2003
1) excessively ornate
2) a big word used to criticize big words. see hypocrite
don't be a pompous, bombastic, circumlocutious, hypocrite.
by david January 08, 2004
1: a bloody fart (New Norberian English)
2: a callous or loathsome individual
(1) "The farting contest was going along swimmingly until april let rip a juicy lart"

(2) Keep your hands off the merchandise you pathetic little lart!
by David January 07, 2005
eating out a woman while she is in the process of having a miscarriage
My girlfriend was having a miscarriage, so I decided to make it better for her by giving her a bloody sunday.
by David January 17, 2005
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