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76 definitions by brett burkhardt

Someone who’s significant other has gone on a serious health kick and spends all their time working out.
Rich was happy that his wife was interested in getting the baby weight off but the fact that she spent 20 hours a week at the gym left him a gym widower.

Sara loved buff men but hated being a gym widow all the time.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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Girls who go to GGW parties trying to get their tits on video so that they can brag about it or hoping that it will launch their career.
Ebony just knew that if she could get on the next GGW tape that record labels would be dying to sign her, everyone knew she was a Girls Gone Wild Wench.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
19 6
When someone creates a word and definition on Urban Dictionary just to defame someone.
“I can’t believe what that bitch wrote about me on Myspace...I’m going to name defame her ass so hard!”

“So your ex fucked the entire rugby team? Dude, you should SO name defame her!”
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
15 3
When you have to clean up the mess an old person makes when moving to or from the place where the live during the winter.

Can also be used when cleaning up any other sort of mess a snowbird makes in their migration like a car accident, when they forget what they ordered at a restaurant and then bitch that you brought the wrong thing, or even if their camper catches on fire and burns down half the camp ground. All of this and much more is snowbird shit.
Erik knew he was going to have to clean up a lot of snowbird shit with this bastard. He was demanding all sorts of fees waved because he was too stupid to have his bills forwarded to his winter address.

The traffic on the highway was backed up for miles because some old bitch in a Lincoln is driving down the center line at 7 miles an hour and she just won't pull over. This is some serious snowbird shit right here and if I'm late for work I'm going to scream
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
14 3
Someone who’s always begging for more credit on an account even though they can’t pay for what they already have.
Ashton was a credit creep who would call all of his credit cards each month to demand a higher credit line even though he never paid them on time.

“Barkeep, I want to open another tab!”
“Go fuck yourself credit creep. You still owe $900 from last month and until you pay it off you will have to pay cash.”
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
12 1
The act of altering your profile information, writing things on the walls of others, etc. to illicit feelings of sympathy from others or to attract attention.
Jolene wrote that she was feeling down on her ex’s wall so that he’d message her again. She knew it was Facebook fraud but she didn't care.

We ignore everything that he writes on Facebook. It's mostly just Facebook fraud to get us to invite him out to the bar more often.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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When people from the coasts have an attitude about people who live in the Midwest and the Midwest in general.
If you’re going to come to town with a big bag of coastal crap then why the fuck did you decide to go to college in Iowa?

Once again, Mandy has to pull some coastal crap when she went on a rant about just how “quaint” the sushi places in Chicago are.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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