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To cause a ruckus. A stir.
To give someone shit.
I've had just about enough of your shinanigans!
by Bingus Malloy November 20, 2003
To decry something as being total bullshit.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your party but I was swamped at work.’
“Shinanigans! I saw those pics you posted on facebook showing you at the titty bar with your friends, asshole!”

“I called shinanigans on that plumber when he told me it was going to cost $780 to order a new lid for the toilet tank. Does he think I’m retarded because I’m a woman or something?”
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
The resturant that Farva goes to in the movie Super Troopers
Captian: "I'll pistol Wip the next guy who says Shinanigans"
Mac: "Hey Farva, whats that resterant you always goto, you know the one with all the shit on the walls."
Farva: "what Shinanigans?, is it Shinanigans guys?"
by Urban Dictionary April 07, 2004
something causing ruckus or turmoil
"Well I'm already pregnant, so what other shinanigans can I get into?"
by RebeccaLynn July 05, 2008
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