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a dirty old man checking out girls in his personal fitness class but saying hes only looking at their belts
no kacie im just looking at your belt not your tits and ass. but in case your wondering there great
by Novoslos December 22, 2003
A person who is so stupid that you feel sorry for him.
Albert: I can kick the ass of anybody for good.
Umer : You know what? You are pathetic!
by Umer August 09, 2006
everybody who defines themself in an urban dictionary definition.
every other fucking urbandictonary submission that comes in for me to accept or reject. "shes so pretty and smart! what an erin!"
"what a stud, he's such a richard!"

by emilyisreallycool April 07, 2008
When you hear a guy trying to pick up a chick on xbox live.
Nerd: OMG r u a gurl?!?!?!
Nerd:R u hot!?!?!
*Girl leaves game*

Now that's Pathetic
by *notmyrealname* August 15, 2009
A person who is so stupid that you feel sorry for him.
Albert is the most pathetic man I ever saw in my life...!
by Pakistani Sher January 26, 2007
inability to function normally or provide a service that meets basic expectations
He couldnt even barbeque the chicken thighs properly. He was pathetic.

He could'nt take the stro rum. He was pathetic and weak.
by baizewood December 17, 2003
Horribly unattractive people who submit photographs of themselves for the word "sexy" that make you want to claw your eyes out.
Ugh. Look at these pathetic losers posting pictures of themselves on urban dictionary.
by Liam knows where his towell is January 15, 2009
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