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HSN on AIM is otherwise known as "Having Sex Now". This definition came up after a friend recently got a girlfriend and would spend long hours "away". This acronym can be used as an Away message, or a subtle way to say someone is "busy".
On AIM.....

Friend 1: Hey I will brb, gimme like one sec.

Away Message: aWaY... (aka HSN)

....One hour later....

Friend 2: Hello?
Friend 1: I am back.
Friend 2: Where did u go?
Friend 1: O it was jus my gf.
by ChapKid August 16, 2006
A network that allows one to shop from their home. Very useful if you want to shop on a network and you're at home.
My significant other is at work making money for me to spend while I sit on my lazy ass buying things from the Home Shopping Network instead of getting a job.
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
Stands for "Hot Sick Nice"; a prase commonly used by many Polish and Italian club heads. The reason for this? i dont know...
Dennis: Ayee, that club last night was HSN. All those cute as polish girls and guidetts.
by Dennis Zuraw May 29, 2007
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