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shortened word for alcoholic
goddam dan is such an alcy thats like his 30th beer
by bob April 18, 2005
to instruct someone to leave or go away
You, mate can go GET FUCKED
by bob March 24, 2005
a player. hotty, a guy who can like more than one girl at a time
that guy is a akhil look at all the girls he has.

Dude im an akhil.
by bob April 06, 2005
the incredibly good-looking son of beatle george harrison, and his wife, olivia arias harrison.
damn, that kid look jus' like his pappy
by bob February 15, 2005
French origin-
1. Usually under the influence
2. Very social but timid when it comes to girls.
That philippe boy is so crazy, but he never talks to girls he likes!
by Bob March 17, 2005
a person who modifies his/her car for looks with bad taste, and no performance.
that ricer races anyone, and hasn't won a single race.
by bob November 15, 2003
The only thing you will find in bellmore is hundreds of 12 & 13 year old kids flocking the streets of town that think they are hard but if you start a fight with one of them they will cry and call there mothers on the cell phone and the mom will come pick them up in a benz
"look at this mother fucker"
"i am going to tell my mommy"
by BOB March 17, 2005
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