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no worries
dont worry
Ishkabibble it will be fine.
by bob January 24, 2005
The way pimps walk.
"Daym, he be struttin down the street and da girls be followin."
by Bob September 20, 2003
City in NorthEast Florida, hosted the 2005 Super Bowl. Pwns Orlando in every possible way. Best city in America.
Tourist 1: Wow that city is kool! It's better than Orlando!

Tourist 2: Must be Jacksonville!

Tourist 3: Jacksonville is full of people with the bling!
by Bob March 24, 2005
A device that is attached to the frets of a guitar to raise the pitch of each string.
He put the capo on his guitar to raise the key for the singer.
by Bob July 05, 2004
an archaic term for cunilingus as performed by lesbians.
i tpped her velvet
by bob May 29, 2003
A reading disorder.
So this dyslexic guy walks into a bra...
by Bob November 29, 2003
The Yankees own everything and everyone- mostly because they have deeeeeeeeeep pockets, and can afford to buy everthing and everyone.
Guy#1"Look, the yankees lost 500 million in the stock market!"
Guy#2"It's ok, they've got billions where that came from!"
by Bob September 29, 2003
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