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A swift punch, delivered to a male's genitals.
He is such a fucktard, he deserves a good cock punch.
by Bob June 01, 2003
Nuts of poo dangling from the hair around your ricker.
Bum nuts
by Bob November 24, 2003
The art of one stripping down to his nasty white naked skin and running around like a moron until he feels the need to jack off. (Remember...in the state of North Carolina..it's LEGAL to show you BUTT in public)
Dude...yes it's legal to show your butt...but you gotta whip out the big kahuna taht God gave us....heck take it all off.......LETS GO STREAKIN IN THE PARK!!!
by bob December 06, 2004
This is a game where one's friends get in to a small group and form a circle and all start to wank over a chocolate biscuit the last to come loses and must eat the biscuit
This could possbily make the loser very ill but a friend of mine who did it lost and had to eat the biscuit and he said man come tasted salty!!
by Bob March 26, 2005
Good beer, everyone makes it at home.
by Bob August 14, 2003
city in California where hippies smoke pot and hang out downtown all day and protest or get stoned.
I'm stoned
by bob March 10, 2004
Most commonly known to the average worker as a Totally Pointless Stuff Report, management views these as
Sending a list of completed goals to your management because they are too lazy to read a standard status report to get updates.
by BoB December 23, 2003

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