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When you see something amazing that is unbelievable, it is unreal, everything in utter amazement.
Yo, Kate that movie was unreal!
by Vest Boy February 16, 2009
of a remarkably humorous, cool, or impressive nature.
"Unreal" could be used accompanied by a head nod, as a reaction to your friend's decision to bring Kraft Singles to a formal party.
by P.A.T. January 09, 2007
Un-real is the description for someone that is unlike anyone you have ever met... It is meeting the person you have dreamt of your entire life. All the traits, and features that you could think of in a person and more ALL rolled into one glorious human being...
Cherrychip is UN-REAL!!!
by I <4 Cherrychip July 06, 2006
The roadman way of describing a females beauty that is beyond belief.
Dave: You see that girl then?
Traquan: Yeah she was unreal.
by Roadman99 December 27, 2014
The most annoying word in the English language. It seems like everyone is saying it lately. Basically, it is a word people use as a universal adjective for something unbelieveable.
Joe: Did you see that car?
Bob: Yeah, it was unreal.

Joe: Did you finish your ice cream?
Bob: Yeah, it was unreal.
Joe: Stop saying that!
Bob: You're unreal!
by Evestar July 13, 2009
A slang term used to describe the use of magical mushrooms
I played so much unreal last night that I ended up talking to the tree people!
by pelicanjed January 24, 2003
Being in low supply of attractiveness
ie. UGLY
Sarah: Did you see her default picture?
Dale: I sure did, and she was unreal!
Sarah: true say.
by pink_hearts August 03, 2008
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