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Horny people like to call their lovers sexy tigers. The image that comes to my mind is a buff, dark man with a nice ass. For men, I assume it would be a tall blonde woman with nice tits.

Or then again, maybe just the person you are currently initimate with.
"Oh, you are such a sexy tiger, let's do it right now!"
by toee May 09, 2006
Used on aim, msn, or any other live chat, to explain when you are feeling down. It explains being sad, or showing frustration over something. You use it in a time you would be crying, either literally or metaphorically.
h0t gurlz 20 : So I heard the tickets sold out.

jUggz : Yeah.
jUggz : *cries*
by toee September 20, 2006
A show that aired in the 90's and was fronted by Paul Zaloom a satirist and performance artist who called himself Beakman and acted rather flamboyantly.

Many people who remember the show remember it fondly, it was almost like Pee Wee's playhouse meets Bill Nye the science guy.

It showcased a mad scientist, a rat-man-creature, numerous female assistants and penguins doing science projects and dispelling myths among other things.

Now, I'm quite sure it has a huge stoner fanbase, because the show is very, very trippy.
It was a sad day when they took Beakman's World off the air in 1997.

Random stoner - "I'm gonna go smoke a blunt and watch Beakman's World, wanna come?"
by Toee August 29, 2006
Just another way of saying bumble fuck or bfe. It means even more out of the way than regular Bumble Fuck, being as it's East bumble fuck. Said by pretentious college students, usually.
It took me ages to get here because I just parked in East Bumble Fuck.
by toee May 16, 2006
said when somebody sexually turns you on, they make you giddy in the pants
He is so sexy, he makes me giddy in the pants.
by toee February 28, 2007
Just another way of saying senior skip day or senior cut day. A predetermined day when all seniors decide to skip that day of school.
I can't wait because in a few days it's going to be senior skip out - we're going to the beach.
by toee January 31, 2007
A somewhat humorous andecdote about a girl who lost her virginity to a gay man. It began as a sad true story, and thanks to the lovely Neshaminy student body (and in particular, one giant jew) had turned into rumors and eventually legend. It is called Vee's life story and is bound to be told in locker rooms for years to come.
Once upon a time there was a sad young girl who was convinced by a gay man to let him have sex with her. They never really spoke afterwords, and she always felt like a jackass explaining it to people. Most people feel sorry, unlike others, who think that it is amusing.

That is Vee's life story.
by toee November 11, 2006

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