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Greek in origin, I've come to the conclusion that Stephen is just about the coolest male name. Whether it's prnounced 'Stef-an' or 'Steve-en' doesn't matter, it's just awesome.
Steph and Stevie are also the coolest nicknames.
Some famous Stephens include Stephen King, Stephen Fry, and Stephen Hawking.

Stephen is an awesome name.
by toee April 20, 2006
A very aggressive, sexual person who you would like to take to bed. Usually very good looking, but not always, sometimes just someone who exudes sexuality despite being somewhat of a minger.
that guy who's always on the corner, smoking his cigarettes and with his tight clothes, he is a burning beacon of raw sexuality.
by toee September 20, 2006
1. Gay anime porn, popular among many women.

2. Philadelphia based band that was from mid 2004-early 2006. Came from the remains of the band NiMb.ie. Only one member continued in music with her EBM project Apocalyptic Betty, and another failed project The Missionary Kids
1. You can download all the Yaoi you want, it's sexi isn't it?

2. Did you hear that Yaoi song? Too bad they broke up.
by toee December 02, 2006
A semi-famous phrase from a short story that was aired on NPR about seven or so years ago. It involved a woman hitchhiking through a town called PawPaw. Whilst hitchhiking, she sticks her head out the window and yells "PawPaw for Jesus!" to show her enthusiasm.
So I shoved my head out the window and screamed, "PawPaw for Jesus!"
by toee April 16, 2006
A song by the Exploited.

Or, just sex and violence, literally.
I went to an exploited show and they played sex and violence
by toee May 18, 2006
A delicious alcoholic beverage.
Composed of a bottom layer of Butterscotch schnapps (and optional melted butterscotch) and a top layer of Irish cream. A favorite semi-girly drink of many.
I ordered a buttery nipple at the cocktail bar last night.
by toee December 02, 2006
Originally meant to be the girlfriend, friend, or supporter of skinheads. It was stated that girls aren't supposed to be skinheads, but rather to help out the guys that are, but still wanted rank within the skinheads. So, they became skinbyrds. Some skinbyrds took on the look of skinheads, with the boots and shaved heads or chelsea hair, but most remained anonymous and chose to look 'normal'.

Some claim that there is no such thing as a female skinhead, and all that exists are skinbyrds. I suppose this though counts on what subgroup of skinheads you are.

Traditional skinheads believe in skinbyrds, and racist ones do too. Sharp and Rash skinheads think of women as skinheads, however.
See that girl over there, hanging out with all those skinheads, she's a skinbyrd.
by toee May 16, 2006
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