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Phantom of the Opera

Many Phans of the various versions of The Phantom of the Opera get sick of typing the whole thing out all the time.
*Chandelier Falls*

Everyone: It's the poto!
by Myth_ October 25, 2005
118 29
trasero, culo .. word in spanish popular in south america,(non-ofensive).

"ass" in english
that girl has a great poto!!!
by Zool June 22, 2005
78 34
a type of unusual person; usually named Peter.

very at ease with life.

frequently shouts "Gucci!" and various other phrases.

a sharpie tattoo, perfect for the wrist.


"Hi I'm Peter, but call me Potos"

or more commonly POE-TOES.
by Naomi Ericka Jessica January 04, 2009
10 5
(Pronounced "potoe") it's a word to shorten up "pointing out the obvious". Made up by Jesspants. ©
"You have nice hair." "Why thanks for poto'ing."

"You're hot." "There's no need to poto."
by Jess.Squarepants April 29, 2010
10 6
French slang for crew or possy.
Avec mes potos, moi je crane dans la rue.
by jadoradexplora March 03, 2009
4 2
A potential lover or compatible friend. Not to be confused with a crush. A POTO is someone you could see yourself with but don't have immediate feelings for
well she/he is a poto, we will see where it goes
by BABINGALING October 07, 2010
9 8
Noun: Philosopher of the Obvious. Someone who wants to discuss at length the obvious as if something new or interesting. See Blowhard.
Went on a date with a POTO. He talked all night about shit everyone already knows.
by Martina5 August 07, 2010
9 11