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75 definitions by Toee

Yet another obsessive fangirl base. Chainshipping is the nickname given to (usually) teenage girls who have watched the film Saw and feel that Adam and Lawrence should be lovers. They have infected most fanfic/message boards for the Saw films with their smut. However, they are one of the better yaoi enthusiasts, since they don't seem to force their opinion on others.
You can always tell which ones are into chainshipping, 16, female and Leigh Whannell obsessed.
by toee April 30, 2006
Someone who is very attractive and sexy. The platter part comes from them being so sexy you just want to eat them up (literally or metaphorically).
That guy is so sexy, he's sex on a platter.
by toee December 02, 2006
An ugly Jew. Not nesecarily a bad thing, just someone who is jewish and ugly. It doesn't mean they aren't nice people.
Look at that guy he is so... Jewgly.
by toee May 17, 2006
Day of the dead is the Catholic, and generally Mexican(although its celebrated in most north and south american places) holiday celebrating All Souls Day, aka Halloween, aka the ancient Samhain.

It's celebrated with skulls, skeletons, candy, camping out in cemeteries, and amateur seances. It's every goth and emo kid's dream day. Also called Dia de los Muertos.

It is one kick ass holiday.
We're going to hang out in cemeteries and paint our faces like skeletons for Day of the Dead.
by Toee August 29, 2006
A genre of electronic music that resembles that as used in old school video games.

VGM stands for Video Game Music.

Also see Casiocore
That is some awesome VGM they just played.
by toee May 17, 2006
Phantom of the Opera emoticon, see the little mask on it?
look, this one looks like poto, {^ }_^)
by toee September 20, 2006
A strange, strange band from the UK.
We're going to a Selfish Cunt show tonight.
by toee February 10, 2006